Your hands feel sweaty, clammy if you want.

A reflection of power overtakes you when the elegance of your body gives form to the shell shaped seats. They offer perfect side stability and a clever use of ergonomics enables a direct connection with the vehicle. All control elements in the cockpit are orientated around you to guarantee highly precise operation in split seconds. You firmly grab the leather steering wheel. Determination appears on your face when you flip the gear shift lever and leave no room for doubt. At the rear, four bevelled tailpipes finishers with their unmistakable sound send out a clear message. You are right on track with the RCD-101 CD Player.

Time for a musical triumph…

The heart of this precision instrument is the Philips Pro Drive, further enhanced by our engineers. The unit can be used as a fully integrated player or act as a standalone DAC. When purchasing the Vitus Audio RCD-101 CD Player, you are guaranteed an engaging, emotional experience, which exceeds the current musical standards. Vitus Audio is dedicated to expressivity and finesses rather than technical details and high performance measures. Our real strongholds are complete silence, unbelievable depth and width in the soundstage, resulting in a far more open sound with higher resolution. You could say, closer to the artist(s). Join our true dedication to neutral music reproduction.

Expressivity, emotion, finesses. Three words that best describe the essence of the RCD- 101 CD Player.

Only available in dedicated high end shops.

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