Phonostage (MM/MC) RP-102

Phonostage (MM/MC) RP-102

The sun reflects in the shiny rims. For a brief moment you're blinded.

The sheer firmness, stability and power that they radiate is exceptional. 21 inch wheels transduce the engine output of the rubber that tames the road. When accelerating, the generated torque puts pressure on all wheels. They never spin out of control. Their agility and grip remains stable, even if you're in for a long spin. With the precision of a needle sensing the groove they rotate with an exact speed or rpm. It's like being in love with a selection of records: you get to enjoy them over and over again. You fall in love with their look and shape, similar to that first set of exclusive rims. You are right on track with the RP-102 Phono Stage.

Time for a musical triumph…

Do you love vinyl? Are you ready tot start playing records? Vitus Audio allows you to take your passion for the 'black' gold to an unprecedented level. The Vitus Audio RP-102 Phone Stage is one of our latest additions to the Reference Series. You'll adore it! It will elevate the performance of any turntable. Immerse yourself in the magical world of real analog sound. Enjoy the wonders of its fluency, musical authenticity and intriguing sound. You can set the cartridge loading directly from the front of the phono stage. It offers direct switchable impedances from 10ohms to 47kOhm without having to access the rear plate or to open the phono stage for making hardware changes.

Expressivity, emotion, finesses. Three words that best describe the essence of the RP-102 Phono Stage.

Only available in dedicated high end shops.

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