Black Diamond

Black Diamond

We were asked if it was possible to construct a reference level DIN cable and this is the result. The performance is beyond what you might expect simply from looking at it because there seems to be just a simple cable and connector with nothing fancy going on.


“The sound I heard in the Sound Galleries room in Munich was the product of a complete system, which includes cables, and the cables in use were from Tellurium Q, a company new to me at the time. When I return from Munich, I started looking into Tellurium Q cables.

Greater clarity, a more natural presentation, a more open yet defined sound image, improved tonal qualities and, taking a few steps back, a more engaging musical experience."

Michael Lavorgna, Audio Stream


Performance Profile

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Stereo Life Review

“Black Diamond no colors all or trying to buy our own vision of the perfect tonal balance. At first, [the] tone seems a little too normal, but it is difficult to not appreciate its transparency and versatility. ….. certainly sets a high level in terms of resolution. With all its linear nature, really microscopic detail. The sound system as a whole has become more predictable and enjoyable in its own way.” - Stereo Life, 2014

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