SoulSonic Hologramm-X is essentially the biggest passive loudspeaker in the world - 2400mm tall !

It uses the biggest single piece true ribbon in the world - 2210mm tall !


A state of the art loudspeaker system that stirs emotions with its sound and design.


With a huge effective radiating area of more than 4000 square cm, this speaker is quite well equipped to cope with even the most demanding music material. Considering the active and passive surface areas of typical instruments, one can only acknowledge there isn`t such a thing as too big speaker. To even remotely touch upon the sonic realism of live music there is no substitute for "sound torque" - the active (drivers) and passive (speaker front baffle) surface area. With it comes one clear advantage over smaller loudspeaker systems:  low intensity per unit area of radiating surface or low surface loudness.

Being a dipole speaker or velocity transducer, SoulSonic Hologramm-X also differs from boxed speakers in a way how it propagates the sound waves into the listening space. How this translates into musical enjoyment is something everyone should experience!


A three way speaker

Sensitivity: 95dB

Crossover frequencies: 250Hz and 2.5kHz

Frequency response: 25Hz to 50kHz

Tweeter: 10mm wide, 2210 mm tall ribbon (221 square cm  effective radiating area)

Midrange: one 12" paper cone, low distortion magnet system geometry (530 square cm  effective radiating area)

Woofers: four 15" neo magnet, paper cone (3400 square cm  effective radiating area


"Spoiler alert! For us, room 206 was best of show. Why? After the last room's aural defiance, we were instantly enveloped by a sound so natural in all possible aspects that once seated, this perception grew even stronger. The music did not come from any loudspeakers. It was performed on stage, elevated as though we sat in row 3 of the recording venue where the instruments too had their own height information. A double bass on stage has its navel or centre of radiance quite high. That tall information was available without effort. It was simply there. After realizing the completeness of the aural illusion sent to us, we both underwent another rare sensation: tears rolling down our cheeks. Maybe we were getting sentimental old geezers but no, it was the music. This was more than a replay of a recording on a system. This was emotional interaction from musicians to audience.


Closest to it would be a quantum entanglement where two particles interconnect despite vast distance between them and despite what should be a lenghty communication delay. Here musicians recorded tunes years ago, had them manipulated by many people and techniques yet finally the musical message, the originally intended message, was presented to us as the listeners as though in real time. Hot damn; goose bumps 'n' tears at an audio show. So what induced all this emotional response?


A system comprised of MSB Technology M204 250-watt monos, matching MSB Select DAC with double external power supplies and an older MSB transport. The speakers which made it all happen were SoulSonic Hologramm-X dipoles. Cold hard figures were 95dB efficiency, 25Hz-25kHz bandwidth, crossovers at 200Hz and 4kHz. Drivers were 4 x 15" paper cone woofer, 1 x 12" paper cone midrange and nothing less than a 2.21m tall 1cm wide ribbon as tweeter. The drivers mounted to individual wooden cylinders with open backs. These cylinders stacked in a shallow crescent which in turned mounted to a tempered glass plate curved at the top and outer edge. On the straight glass edge there mounted to a pole like a very narrow banner the extremely tall ribbon tweeter.


Designer and manufacturer Miro Krajnc shared how this model was originally intended for personal use only but is an extension of his SoulSonic line which starts with the Beat, a 2-way with a 95cm ribbon and 10" woofer, then the Impact 3-driver 2-way with a 1.45m ribbon and 2 x 12" woofers. The Impulse becomes a 3-way with a 1,85m tall tweeter, 12" midrange and 3 x 12" woofers whilst the Hologramm-S is the smaller brother of the Hologramm-X of the show. The S sports an 1.8m ribbon tweeter, one 12" midrange and 4 x 12" woofers. All models use a glass baffle to prevent early dipole cancellation. From Podvelka in Slovenia, this designer also is the man who developed Ubiq Audio's Model One and many others. We could not get enough of his Hologramm-X and even came back for seconds. It was that special."



"The SoulSonic Hologramm-X was one of two speakers at Warsaw created by designer Miro Krajnc. The Hologramm-X (€150,000 to €210,000 per pair, depending on finish, VAT included) stands about 7-1/2’ high, and incorporates a driver array we’ve never encountered before. The big cylinders house five drivers, each in an open-back enclosure. In In the middle cylinder is a 12” paper cone midrange, and each of the other four houses a 15” woofer. The treble comes from a ribbon tweeter measuring 1cm by 221cm and stretching nearly from the bottom of the speaker to the top. The speaker is rated at 95dB sensitivity. At first glance, it seems like integrating such a disparate and widely spaced group of drivers might be impossible, but the Hologramm-X’s big soundstage and neutral tonality made it one of the best speakers we heard at Warsaw’s PGE Narodowy Stadium, which hosted many of the larger audio companies’ exhibits.

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