PLiXiR Cube 4

PLiXiR  Cube 4

Cube 4 BAC In response to customers’ requests for a high performance and cost effective alternative to our Top of the line ELITE balanced power conditioner, we now introduce our Cube series.  

The Cube 4 uses a Noratel made, audio grade balanced transformer core derived from the Elite’s XQ transformer core technology, giving it high immunity to DC voltage components on the power lines, as well as low noise. 

The Cube 4 will allow customers to enjoy very high quality balanced power conditioning at an affordable price.  The Cube 4 also comes in USA / Schuko / UK / Australia AC outlets options. 

The Cube 4, with 750 Watts of power, is designed for source equipment and small to medium sized amplifier (Class A/B, up to 100W into 4 ohms) setup.  

It naturally reduces the incoming AC mains noise while improving the current delivery to your system. 

Based on a custom single winding balanced power transformer, ground loop current and noise is reduced to negligible level to equipment connected to it, making it suitable for sensitive equipment

like turntable and phono stages. Read More Features *

4 USA/EU/UK outlets for Hi-fi equipment use. Designed for source equipment, noise sensitive equipment and small to medium sized amplifier setup. 

* Custom-wound Noratel made, audio grade balanced transformers.

* Single-winding transformer dedicated models for 120 Vac and 230 Vac input/output, and each transformer only has a single winding for their intended application for the best performance possible.

* Ground reference / Earth binding post.  This is a connection to the incoming earth.  It is meant for customer to connect equipment / phono stage grounding cable for hum noise reduction.

* No on / off switch (always on) for best sound quality possible. 99% of the time PLiXiR customers switch on their BAC and keep it running 24/7. 


The removal of the on/off switch reduces the number of connections we have to make internally and the result is a big improvement on the sound quality of the Cube BAC as a final product. 

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