Canor Audio Phono 1.10

Canor Audio Phono 1.10

Fully tubular gramophone preamplifier for both MM and MC cartridges containing up to nine tubes, including one vacuum diode used to rectify the anode voltage.

PH 1.10 is designed with the highest possible sound quality, mechanically made of a massive welded structure additionally reinforced with an internal partition, which also has a secondary function of electrical shielding of the source part from the amplifying circuits.

The first stage of the preamplifier consists of two parallel triodes 6922 to reduce noise and ensure maximum gain.

The whole engagement is without any global feedback, which results in excellent audio performance. This places extremely high demands on the selection and selection of used tubes.

CMT ™ technology (CANOR ® PCB Milling Technology) was a matter of course in PCB design.

Because very small signal amplitudes are processed in the turntable preamplifier, this technology has made even greater benefits than in other products in our products.

To eliminate mechanical interference, the core of the transformer is vacuum impregnated and the entire transformer is embedded in a special anti-vibration
mass. In addition, the housing in which the transformer is located creates effective electromagnetic shielding and contributes significantly to the excellent signal-to-noise ratio. The primary and secondary windings are separated by a shielding copper foil with a 50% overlap, which prevents interference from the mains voltage.

Only high quality polypropylene capacitors are used in the signal path.

If the turntable contains two straps and one MM is installed on one turn and the other is MC, they can be connected at the same time without any interaction.

The RCA MM or MC input is selected on the front panel using the buttons.

PH 1.10 allows very high variability of amplification adjustment and
selection of correct resistance values and capacities for all types of cartridges.

All these settings can be made conveniently using the controls located on the front panel.

MC cartridges are connected to the preamplifier input using a high quality Lundahl step-up transformer.

This preamplifier enables RCA unbalanced as well as symmetrical XLR connection of the final amplifier.



Technical specification



50,150,270,370,520,620,740 and 840 pF / Gain: 46dB


10,20,40,80,150,300,600 and 1200 Ohm / Gain: 70dB


2,5,10,20,40,80,150 and 300 Ohm / Gain: 76dB

Input impedance

100 Ohm





Harmonic distortion

MM / MC <0.1% / 1VRMS


18 db / octave

RIAA accuracy

0.3dB / 20Hz - 20kHz

MM noise ratio

72dBV (87dBV-IEC)

MC noise ratio

68dBV (82dBV)

Tube assembly

8x 6922EH, 1x 6CA4EH


230 V / 50 Hz / 70 VA

Dimensions (WxHxD)

435 x 170 x 485mm


17 kg

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