Canor Audio CD 2.10 /DA converter

Canor Audio CD 2.10 /DA converter

is a tube CD player with integrated DA converter AK4490.

It is based on a quiet slot-in CD drive and a large Canor-specific DOT-MATRIX display that shows all the basic information.

The signal from the CD player is upsampled to 24 / 192kHz. The converter can process the signal from the USB input to 384kHz and DSD256.

The converter allows to connect other signal sources via optical, coaxial or USB input. The digital output is optical and coaxial and in addition to the classic analog RCA, on the back you will also find a symmetrical XLR output.

The analog signal behind the converters is processed strictly symmetrically by electron tube circuits, therefore it is recommended to connect CD2.10 and AI2.10 XLR cables. This will utilize the maximum sound potential of both devices.

To prevent ground loops, the coaxial input is separated by a high-quality high-frequency transformer.

Super symmetrical passive filters have been implemented, optimized for maximum slope.

Of course, the electron tubes, circumferentially improved from the previous generation of CDs, were retained as active elements.

Our unique CMT ™ technology (CANOR ® PCB Milling Technology) was used in the production of printed circuit boards.

The aluminum front panel is available in black and silver. The package also includes a remote control.



Technical specification


Frequency range

(20 - 20,000) Hz ± 0.3dB

Analog. output. impedance

<200 Ω

Harmonic distortion

<0.005% / 1kHz

Noise ratio

> 102dB (20Hz - 20kHz)



Analog. output. RCA / XLR voltage


Digital inputs

USB, Optical and Coxial

Digital outputs

Optical and Coxial


230V / 50Hz / 60VA

Dimensions (WxHxD)

435 x 120 x 405mm


12 kg

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