Canor Audio AI 2.10 Hybrid

Canor Audio AI 2.10 Hybrid

is a hybrid integrated amplifier whose design is derived from the highest product line.

The input part consists of an electron preamplifier equipped with a precision relay attenuator.

The attenuator is designed symmetrically, ensuring perfect channel alignment and good separation between the left and right channels.

The power stage is a Class D amplifier powered by a well-filtered and well tuned linear source against high-frequency disturbances.

For XLR inputs, the signal up to the output stage is processed strictly symmetrically, which suppresses interference signals at the amplifier input as much as possible.

The output circuits have been designed and tuned to suppress digital signal processing to the maximum extent without increasing the amplifier output impedance.

Our unique CMT ™ technology (CANOR ® PCB Milling Technology) was used in the production of printed circuit boards.

The aluminum front panel is available in black and silver. The package also includes a remote control.



Technical specification


Output power

2 x 150W / 4Ohm

Input sensitivity

400mV / 150W / 1kHz

Frequency range

(20 - 20,000) Hz ± 0.3dB / 5W

Input impedance

30 kOhm


4 x RCA, 2 x XLR

Harmonic distortion

<0.05% / 1kHz, 5W

Noise ratio

95 dB

Tube assembly

2x 6922 EH


230V / 50Hz / 460VA

Dimensions (WxHxD)

435 x 120 x 405mm


15 kg

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