Canor Audio AI 1.20

Canor Audio AI 1.20

Transistor integrated new topology amplifier in a modern Canor design dress, working in pure class A with 50W per channel.

It is equipped with a relay attenuator with two independent blocks for each channel and CMT technology was used on the printed circuits.

The massive cooling surface, together with sophisticated cooling openings, allows the amplifier to function smoothly and reliably at high idle currents corresponding to Class A operation.

The power elements are located on a large copper plate, which better distributes heat over the entire radiator surface.

The secondary positive effect of the solid copper plate is on the thermal stability, since the power elements are almost perfectly interconnected with the circuits providing thermal compensation, the operating points of the power elements remain absolutely thermally stable over the whole temperature range.

We paid great attention to power supplies and filtering out disturbances from the mains, which is very important for the amplifier conceived in this way.

Measurements and auditing tests have confirmed us the right choice of the use of a special coil with nanocrystalline core in HF line filters to prevent the ingress of disturbing voltages from the grid.

Custom-wound toroidal transformers ensure interference suppression and the smallest possible dispersion field.

An additional shielding of the transformer scattering field from the signal circuits was achieved using a 10mm aluminum partition.

All auxiliary and power circuits are precisely shielded so that they cannot affect the signal in any way, which is also reflected in the excellent signal separation and interference voltages achieved.

A filtering capacity of 264,000uF for a given circuit simulates an almost stabilized supply voltage.

A special C-Link bus for synchronous control allows two end amplifiers to be used in monoblock mode without the need for an additional preamplifier, with a Master / Slave mode of 100W per channel.

The solid aluminum front panel is available in black and silver. The package also includes a stylish remote control.

Technical specification

Output power

2 x 50W / 4Ohm


2 x 30W / 8Ohm

Input sensitivity

290 mV

Frequency range

(20 - 20,000) Hz ± 0.5dB / 5W

Input impedance

33 kOhm



Harmonic distortion

<0.0009% / 1kHz, 5W

Noise ratio

90 dB


230 V / 50 Hz

Dimensions (WxHxD)

435 x 170 x 485mm


28 kg

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