Antipodes CX+EX Solution

Antipodes CX+EX Solution

 Antipodes CX+EX Solution

For the ultimate sound quality. The CX+EX solution enables the Server and Renderer apps to run without any interference from each other, and be both run on the ultimate hardware for each task.

In this solution, the CX is used just to run the Server function that it was optimised for, and this is achieved by simply turning off the Renderer apps, giving complete priority to the Server function.

And the EX is used just to run the Renderer function that it was optimised for, and this is achieved by simply turning off the Server apps, giving complete priority to the Renderer function.

The CX and EX include Direct Ethernet capability, enabling the CX to be connected to the EX with a dedicated, very low noise signal, insulated from extraneous network noise.

With both units running in their optimal mode, and linked by Direct Ethernet, the CX+EX solution provides the absolute state-of-the-art in both sound quality and usability.

The CX is designed so that you can add your own storage disks, enabling you to self-install up to 4TB of HDD or up to 8TB of SSD storage.

Use of SSDs improves dynamics, high frequency sweetness and speed, and is significantly more musically engaging.

If you prefer to have your storage disks pre-installed then your dealer can assist you. You can also run the CX from external storage on a NAS or a USB drive.

Of these alternatives, the NAS sounds much better than a USB drive. Compared to internal SSDs, playing from a NAS will lose a little impact and precision, and navigating a large library will be less ‘snappy’.


  • The CX is dedicated to run just the Server app (eg. Roon Server)
  • The EX is dedicated to run just the Renderer app (eg. Roon Ready)
  • The CX is linked direct to the EX with a short high quality Ethernet cable
  • Both are managed over your network by connecting just the CX to your network
  • Internal Storage is connected to the CX
  • Any ripper used (such as the Antipodes P1) is connected to the CX
  • The EX plays out to a DAC via USB
  • Or the EX plays out to a P2 and then from the P2 to the DAC

The results are stunning – not just combining the exceptional transparency of the CX with the exceptional musicality of the EX, but lifting both aspects to a completely new level of naturalness and separation

Antipodes Control Panel

  • Use any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone to manage your CX and EX
  • more …

Assemble Your Music Library

  • Add internal storage to your CX to enable playback from internal storage
  • more …
  • Rip your CDs to internal storage on your CX using any USB Optical Drive, or with optimum precision using an Antipodes P1
  • more …
  • Copy your music files to the internal storage of the CX over your network
  • more …
  • Manage your music on your desktop/laptop/nas and synchronise the library on the CX to it
  • more …
  • Setup automatic synchronisation to backup the files on your CX to external storage on your network
  • more …
  • Backup the files on your CX to a USB drive
  • more …
  • Add files on external storage (desktop/laptop/nas) to the music library of your CX
  • more …

Integration With Your System

  • The CX+EX involves a Direct Ethernet connection between the CX and EX, and also allows concurrent playback, direct to a DAC via USB, Direct to a DAC via Ethernet; and streaming to devices on your network that are compatible with Roon, Squeezebox, DLNA/UPnP/OpenHome, SONOS or Plex
  • more …
  • Control playback on your CX from any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • more …



The Antipodes CX offers a choice of best-of-breed applications, selected via the Antipodes Control Panel.

Music Playback Options

Complete Playback Solutions

DLNA Server Options

DLNA Renderer

Other Playback Options



HiFi Advice Review of CX+EX

Christiaan Punter (Founder/Editor of HiFi Advice) first listened to the Antipodes EX as a renderer only, with Roon Server running on his computer. Then he heard how much better the EX sounded when it ran both the Server and Renderer apps. Then we sent him a CX to use as a Server feeding the EX as a Renderer, and he immediately discovered both how important the Server device is, and what a breakthrough product the CX is.

“ took all of 3 seconds before I loudly exclaimed: “Holy Shit!” The difference was not subtle, it was huge! Wow man, everything the EX does so well was still there, but magnified [by the CX+EX Solution]. The soundstage was now even larger, both wider and deeper and even more enveloping, the delivery more powerful, with even more impressive dynamics.”

“There comes a time when a reviewer just lacks the superlatives to describe the latest experience and for me, this is it. This combination is, quite simply, the very best digital front end that I have heard.”

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