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About Reed

About Reed

Tonearm Concept

Tonearm is mechanical, acoustical and electronic system. The set of parameters of this system determine characteristics of tonearm. Tonearm "sound" depends on how many parameters were taken into account while designing it. Main parameters of tonearm are:

Turntable-Reed Muse 3C

Turntable-Reed Muse 3C

After more than three years idea-crunching and countless man hours of CADing, prototyping, programming and real-life testing, we built our first commercially available turntable - Reed Muse 3C. Is it somehow unique? Well, yes! Whether you are fan of friction-driven turntables (the famous Garrard is made that way), or if you think that the right way to build turntables is to use a pair of motors and a belt, Reed Muse 3C should catch your eye.

Thanks to its unique and innovative design, you can convert friction-driven turntable to a belt-driven machine in 5 minutes.

Turntable-Reed Muse 2C

Turntable-Reed Muse 2C

New Reed Muse 2C is Ready !!!!!!!!

Reed 3Q

Reed 3Q

Reed 3Q tonearm is dedicated for customers, who like to set up their audio equipment precisely using latest technology. Reed 3Q is equipped with laser, which allows to adjust VTA and azimuth very quickly and precisely (VTA precision +/- 0.1 mm, azimuth precision +/- 0.25 deg). It is very important after changing cartridges, because cartridge heights are different. As everyone may know, after every switch of cartridge VTF should be adjusted also. Using cartridges with high and medium compliance, VTA (SRA) should be adjusted every time after changing VTF. It is because VTF changes cause cantilever bending and changes of SRA. To get best sound quality, even after changing LP with different thickness (it can be from 0.8 mm to 3 mm), VTA should be adjusted accordingly.

Reed 3P

Reed 3P

Reed 3P is our latest tonearm model. Built after our Reed Mag prototype tonearm, it replaced our Reed 2P model. Among other features, like fine VTA adjustment on-the-fly, it also has a unique possibility of adjusting azimuth while playing a record. An exciting thing about the azimuth adjuster is that during the adjustment process the cartridge "swings" around the needle tip, hence keeping all other tonearm parameters intact (you can see how it works by watching a short video).

Reed 2A

Reed 2A

Reed 2A is for customers, who have fixed audio setup and just want to listen for the perfect sound.
Reed 2A model has the same sound quality as Reed 3Q or Reed 2P models,
but has less possibilities for adjustment.

Reed 5T


Reed partner Confidential.

Reed 5T

Reed 5T is our first appearance in the tangential tonearm domain.

Featuring unique design, innovative technological solutions and high quality, and dedicated to a true audio passionate, it is one of the most advanced tonearms we have ever made.

Reed 5T technically is a tangentially tracking pivoted tonearm.

It’s working principle is based on Thales’ theorem (if the center of a triangle's circumcircle lies on the triangle then the triangle is right, and the center of its circumcircle lies on its hypotenuse) and the rule, that given three non- collinear points, it is possible to draw only one circle that has finite radius and passes through all three. 

  • -  P1, O1, P3 – Thales’ semicircle,
  • -  Angles P1-A1-P3, P1-A2-P3, P1-A3-P3 are 90 degrees each,
  • -  Segments A1B1 = A2B2= A3B3 represent length of a tonearm,
  • -  B – Tonearm vertical axis,
  • -  P2 represents a center of circle, drawn through three points - B1,B2 and B3 (tonearm rotation axis),
  • -  P3 - Linear Sensor Array,
  •  - ΒP3-Laser beam 

Arm tube suspension system is similar to one used in Reed 3P tonearm, and the tonearm’s turning part is based on low noise thrust-sleeve bearing.

For angular rotation of tonearm we designed and built limited rotation sectional torque motor. Tonearm’s position is controlled by laser and linear sensor array.

Reed 5T has user-replaceable arm tube – feature, which allows to change tonearm’s effective mass yourself. Tonearm also has VTA and azimuth adjustments.

For user convenience tonearm also has integrated level, which allows to adjust mechanical position of the tonearm without using additional tools.

Reed 5T has following advantages if compared with pivot tonearms:

  • -  Smaller moment of inertia,
  • -  No need for anti-skating mechanism,
  • -  Max tracking error is +/- 0.005 deg. (Figure 2). Pivot tonearms usually have max tracking errors up to 1.5 deg.



-  Few times smaller moment of inertia,

-  No need for complicated additional devices (air compressor),

-  Compact and sleek design.

-  Effective mass in both vertical and horizontal directions is similar

Options and technical data

Color:                            Black and stainless steel
Mounting distance:         251 mm
Tracking error:               +/- 0.005 deg
Effective mass:              10-16 g, depending on armwand material (replaceable armwand) Height adjustment: compatible with 28÷48 mm height platters,
VTA adjustment:            precision +/- 0.2 mm
Azimuth adjustment:      +/- 8 deg
Downforce range:          10÷30 mN
Traction:                       Limited rotation sectional torque linear motor
Voltage:                       direct 12 V, using battery power source Reed Source 12V Integrated level accuracy: +/-1 mm/m.

MSRP (including Reed Source 12V): from 14900 EUR



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